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    What You Should Do To Prepare For Your Knee Replacement Surgery

    knee pain for a long time
    When you have been suffering from knee pain for a long time, you may be relieved to have finally scheduled your knee replacement surgery. However, if you have never been through this procedure before, you might not know what you can and should do to prepare yourself and your home before your surgery.
    There are several important steps that you should take to get ready for your knee replacement surgery. Learn how to begin your knee replacement surgery preparations so you will be ready before the day of your surgery.

    Try to Strengthen Your Leg Muscles

    While your knee joint is damaged and in need of replacing, the muscles surrounding your knee joint are not. The stronger your legs become, the easier your recovery from your knee replacement surgery will be.

    Work with your orthopedist as well as a physical therapist to develop a pre-surgery exercise program to help your legs be as strong as possible before you go through knee replacement. Be sure that you do these exercises every day to ensure your calf muscles, quadriceps, and other supportive muscles are as supple (flexible) and strong as possible.

    You might think that you should avoid exercise when your knee is in need of replacing. However, it is only certain exercises that you should avoid while you are awaiting surgery. Squats and lunges, for example, will put too much strain on your knee joint and will only serve to worsen the damage to your knee and increase your pain. This is why you need your doctor to help you develop an exercise plan.

    Remove Clutter From Your Home’s Walkways

    After your surgery, your mobility will be limited as you heal and recover. You will need to use assistive devices for several weeks after your surgery to help support the weight of your body and give yourself a chance to get used to your new knee joint.
    Walkers and canes take up more room when you are walking than your body alone as you move through your house. You don’t want to run your walker or cane into any objects in the walkways of your home as you could fall or otherwise hurt yourself.
    Try to ensure that you have wide and clear paths from your bed to the bedroom doorway, as well as to the other important areas of your home, including the bathroom and the kitchen. Clearing these paths will also include removing any tripping hazards like unsecured rugs that could bunch up and cause issues.

    Place All Necessary Items in Easy-to-Reach Places

    Finally, as you are making your final preparations for your knee replacement surgery, you will want to ensure that all of the items you will need when you come home from surgery are in a place that is easy to find and reach. For example, you will want to move any clothing you will need from low drawers to a place where you can reach them without bending down.
    Food, drink, bathroom items, and anything else you will need on a regular basis should all be at waist-level and, preferably, out in the open. For items in the refrigerator that you use often like milk, try putting them in the door or the top shelf.
    While you may have some help at home after your surgery, it is always best to place everything you need when you come home in easily reachable locations so you can be as self-sufficient as possible. Doing so will also help your caregivers to find the items you will need more readily and easily.
    By taking these steps before your knee replacement surgery, you will be as prepared as possible for your surgery and recovery. Contact Orthopedic & Sports Specialists PC for more information.