Doctor checking the athlete

Treat your sports injuries the right way

Injuries from physical activities can be very different than any other kind of injury. Treat them properly with expert medical attention.



Doctor assisting the patient to walk

Understand your injuries

Sports injuries are unlike most others, making care and treatment especially critical. No matter how you injured yourself, proper medical attention is imperative. When you seek assistance from Dr. Mark F Kowalski, you can find the approach that works for you.

Work with our team to find a coordinated approach to any injury, no matter how major or minor. With diagnoses, treatments, and preventative plans designed expressly for you, you can get back on the court in no time.

Get the best in treatments

From initial injury to preventative care, no one can work with you every step of the way like we can. Trust in care including:

  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment 
  • Fitness assessment programs to improve performance and optimize health
  • Diet analysis and dietary counseling
  • Support in dealing with the emotional aspects of injury and performance deficits
  • Rehabilitation and exercise equipment

The help you need is only a phone call away.


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